Power to grow

Griffith Review, 16th February 2015

Australia’s mining boom ebbs along with China’s economy

Seattle Times, 17th January 2015

Western Australia's mining boom ebbs along with China's economy

LA Times, 11th January 2015

New electricity model to power the Pilbara

Press Release, The West Australian state government and Energy Minister Mike Nehan announce the Pilbara Energy Infrastructure Project, a plan to interconnect the electricity network in the Northwest Interconnected System. This was a key finding and recommendation in Pilbara 2050, and author, Jemma Green testified to this effect at the Joint-Select Inquiry to the development of northern Australia, 2nd January 2015

Pivot North

Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia, In April 2014, author of Pilbara 2050, Jemma Green testified at the Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia. Green’s testimony focused on the need to create an interconnected electricity system in the Pilbara, September 2014

Don't let West Australian mining towns become ghost towns Pilbara report warns

Sydney Morning Herald, 31st August, 2014

End of Australia's mining boom threatens Pilbara Cities plan

Financial Times, 20th August 2014

As slowdown looks Pilbara will need networks to thrive

The Conversation, Authors of Pilbara 2050, Jemma Green and Peter Newman write about the need to create an interconnected electricity and rail system in the Pilbara, 30th May 2014

Who's responsible for the Pilbara's future?

Sydney Morning Herald, 25th May 2014

Pilbara ghost town fears

The West Australian, 23rd May 2014

Mining boom bust could leave Pilbara littered with ghost towns

ABC News, 21st May 2014

Listen here

ABC Radio National, May 2014

Pilbara 2050

GWN TV, May 2014